Food on Friday: Doing the salsa

By Julia Westhoff

What recipe do you make most frequently? For me, it would have to be this salsa – our refrigerator is never without it. No matter the season, no matter the week’s menu, no matter how busy we are, I will find 5 minutes to make this salsa. Paired with a bag of Santita’s Tortilla Chips ($2 only!) it is our go-to snack. We also load it on tacos, quesadillas, eggs, whatever. And every single time I make it, I still remark on how good it is. And right now, with garden tomatoes, it’s really at its peak.

Food_on_FridayThere are two main reasons why I love, love, love this salsa:

1) You can skimp or substitute one or more of the ingredients, and it’s still really good. Low on garlic – leave it out! Wilted cilantro – it’ll be fine! Canned tomatoes or fresh – either taste amazing! This salsa is incredibly flexible, a good thing to be in our crazy household.

2) It is soooo much better than store-bought salsa. Even my beloved On the Border salsa does not hold a candle to this one. Store-bought salsa has not graced our cupboard since the discovery of this recipe. No way, Jose.

Tomatoes – 1 large can, 4 or 5 fresh large, or 2 cups cherry tomatoes
Garlic – 3 or 4 cloves
Green onions – 2 bunches, white and light green parts only
Cilantro – one bunch, mostly leaves
Jalapeño – to taste
Salt and pepper – to taste
Possible additions: Smoked chipotle pepper (from a can), black beans, corn

Combine in food processor, blend to desired consistency.