Roeland Park seals the deal for Google Fiber deployment

Roeland Park sealed the deal with Google Fiber Tuesday night and joined the list of cities now eagerly awaiting word on when the high-speed network will be available to homeowners.

The Google Fiber building in midtown.
The Google Fiber building at Westport Road and State Line is open to residents who want to check out how Google services work.

After starting in Kansas City – in both states – Google has negotiated agreements with a number of other metro communities. In northeast Johnson County Fairway and Mission Hills have not yet announced deals, but Prairie Village, Leawood, Mission, Westwood, Westwood Hills and Mission Woods are in line for the service.

The Roeland Park agreement, like those in the other cities, does not give any timeline on when the services will actually be available. However, Google Fiber representatives have said the order of the installation will be dictated by engineering issues rather that by the order in which cities reached agreements.

Google Fiber offers a one Gigabit per second Internet speed and TV service. The Roeland Park agreement includes a five percent franchise fee similar to what other utility providers pay.

More about Google Fiber offerings can be found here.