Quoted in Huffington Post, Rep. Bollier opposes state law banning federal gun law enforcment

Dr. Barbara Bollier
Dr. Barbara Bollier

Kansas Rep. Barbara Bollier, who represents much of northeast Johnson County, is taking a stand against an initiative to ban enforcement of federal gun laws on weapons manufactured within the state.

Montana has passed a bill similar to Kansas’s Second Amendment Protection Act, but a federal appeal court ruled that law unconstitutional this week. Nevertheless, proponents of the Kansas bill say they are going to move forward with plans to implement it.

In a story examining the issue in the Huffington Post, Bollier says she thinks attempts to write a set of gun laws separate from those passed at the federal levels creates a number of issues, including creating an attractive haven for potential terrorists:

“When you have gun laws that are separate and say that people don’t have to follow federal law, what terrorist wouldn’t want to set up shop here?” Bollier said. “That to me is the frightening thing. We had the Oklahoma bombers set up here in Kansas. I don’t see why we want to encourage the possibility.”

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