Rooker survey shows little support for income tax reduction plan

A constituent poll taken by State Representative Melissa Rooker in her 25th District earlier this year shows some clear majority opinions about taxes, budgets, education and state services. Rooker included the survey results in an August newsletter. The Kansas legislature is scheduled to head back for a special session early next month.

Rep. Melissa Rooker
Rep. Melissa Rooker

The plan to eliminate income taxes in Kansas, which the legislature has put in motion, is not a favorite in the 25th with nearly 80 percent of respondents saying they do not favor the new direction. More than 700 constituents responded to the survey, Rooker said.

“I wanted a survey that didn’t lead people to a conclusion,” she said. “I am very confident that those results (are representative) of our 25th district in philosophy.” She said the survey was sent out as widely as possible and across party lines. The wording was also vetted to get an accurate response.

The survey was sent out earlier this year during the regular session. A couple of questions related to the sales tax extension that Rooker voted against. Constituents opposed the extension by a wide margin, but split more evenly when asked about using the sales tax to spare further cuts.

Rooker said she voted against the extension (a modified version passed) because the money was not targeted to avoid cuts in higher education and other state programs. Rooker said she favors a balanced tax plan among sales, income and property.

In other questions, more than 80 percent said they don’t think job growth from the income tax cut will make up for the lost revenue. Constituents also were against a sales tax on professional services and on non-profits; strongly against losing the mortgage interest deduction and opposed to cuts in K-12 or higher education.

The complete survey results can be found here.