Officers investigating Friday afternoon burglary at Prairie Village home

The Johnson County Sheriff's Crime Scene Unit was investigating the burglary Friday.
The Johnson County Sheriff’s Crime Scene Unit was investigating the burglary Friday.

Prairie Village and Johnson County law enforcement officials this afternoon are responding to a report of a residential burglary in the 5200 block of 64th Terrace.

The burglary took place sometime early this afternoon, and investigators arrived on the scene around 3 p.m.

A neighbor said the homeowner had only been gone for about an hour when she found that a back door had been broken into.

We’re awaiting further details from the police department, and will update this post once we’ve heard from them.

UPDATED: Prairie Village police say there is no suspect in the case yet. The burglar took jewelry and electronics from the house.

UPDATED: Here’s the message the Countryside East Homes Association sent to neighbors:

Neighbors –

I am sorry to be landing in your in-box again so soon. One of our neighbors on 64th Terr, the 5200 block, had her home burglarized this afternoon. She was gone 1 hour. She left a vehicle in her driveway while she was gone. When she returned, she found that her laptop and jewelry were missing from her bedroom. The flatscreen was not stolen so it appears that she may have walked in on the burglars. The burglars used a crowbar to pry open the backdoor. All doors had deadbolts. The police indicated that they have seen other home break-ins of this type.

We’ve had this before. The only way for this kind of crime to happen with this timing is if someone is watching the street. So keep an eye out for unfamiliar cars and individuals spending too much time on your street.