Mission driver license branch to get expanded hours

The Mission driver licensing office will be open Mondays during the summer.
The Mission driver licensing office will be open on Mondays permanently after Labor Day.

The state’s driver licensing office in Mission is expanding its hours. It will be open on Mondays permanently after the Labor Day weekend. This fall the office will be part of a pilot program that will add evening hours as well.

Driver licensing offices in the state have been open Tuesday through Friday since 1984, but this summer, branches in Mission and Wichita added Monday hours to handle the extra summer traffic at the branches. Customers still found lines that lasted for hours.

The Mission office, located between Martway and Johnson Drive in the Mission West shopping center, is one of five that will have permanent Monday hours, now staying open Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. Road testing will not begin after 4 p.m. Additional staff will be hired to handle the expanded hours.

The evening hours pilot will be run in Mission and Olathe with the branches staying open until 7:45 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

The license branches see a normal rush of teenage drivers in the summer, but this year the number of people coming in to apply for concealed carry firearm licenses has tripled as well.

More from the state department of revenue:
“If evening hours prove as popular as Monday hours did, we will be looking at extending our operations at more sites for customers’ convenience,” Director of Vehicles Donna Shelite said.

To help manage the lines at the state’s largest offices, the Kansas Department of Revenue has also installed a line management system that allows people to secure a place in line without first coming into the office. 

To join the line people can use their cell phone to text 714-333-1234 or 626-609-1234 with Mission DL, Olathe DL. They can also sign in online.

Once they have a place in line, people can roam freely while they wait, allowing them to stay at work or run errands instead of having to sit and wait in the office. The system will send them updates via text alerting them as their number progresses to the front of the line.”