A closer look at the properties eligible to protest the Mission Chateau proposal

The 14-day window in which opponents of the proposed Mission Chateau senior living community have to collect enough protest petition signatures to influence the way the City Council vote on the development will be carried out comes to a close next Tuesday.

And given the complexity of the language in the ordinances related to the protest petition, we thought we’d take a minute to lay out a few of the salient factors.

For the protest petition to be successful, the neighbors will have to collect signatures from property owners representing at least 20 percent “of the total area required to be notified of the proposed special use permit, excluding streets and public ways.”

The ordinance that governs special use permit notification sets that boundary at within 200 feet of the property in question.

The following map shows the parcel boundaries of all the properties that fall within 200 feet of the Mission Valley property:

The red line shows the 200 foot buffer around the Mission Valley site.
The red line shows the 200 foot buffer around the Mission Valley site.

At least five of the parcels are in Leawood — but the ordinance governing the protest petition allows any property owner, no matter the location of their property, to participate.

If the organizers of the petition collect signatures representing 20 percent of the square footage in the parcels outlined above, it will require a supermajority of 10 votes from the 12 City Council members and Mayor Ron Shaffer for the Mission Chateau proposal to pass when it comes up for a final vote in September.