New tops installed on recycling bins at Prairie Village parks

A recycling bin (left) and trash bin under the shelter at Windsor Park.
A recycling bin (left) and trash bin under the shelter at Windsor Park.

In the wake of the revelation last year that Prairie Village Public Works employees had been throwing the contents of recycling bins at city parks out with the trash, the city has now installed new tops on recycling containers to further differentiate them from trash bins. The department has also begun using clear plastic trash bags in its recycling bins, as opposed to the dark bags used in trash containers.

Public Works employees went through a general recycling training session with a Johnson County Solid Waste Specialist in February, and acting Public Works director Keith Bredehoeft said the new container tops and bags are a way to help employees quickly distinguish trash from recycling. The clear bags also help staffers determine if the contents of the recycling bag are too contaminated to be processed.

Public Works installed two of the new recycling bin tops — which are dark grey, as opposed to the light blue tops on trash containers — in each of the following parks: Porter, Weltner, Taliaferro, Windsor and Franklin.

“We are tracking the usage and to date they are being used,” Bredehoeft said. “We will continue to monitor and make adjustments to trash cans and/or recycle bins as necessary.”