Electronic waste collection Saturday requires appointment

Another household hazardous waste and electronic waste collection day will be held Saturday, but like last time, you need to make an appointment.

waste collectionThe waste collection facility is open all year and accepts appointments for hazardous waste throughout the week. However, electronic waste is only accepted on special dates – this Saturday and again on Sept. 14. The collection site is at the wastewater treatment plant near I-35 and Lamar, which is a secure location and is not accessible without an appointment.

Accepted electronic items are any electronic devices that have a cord or batteries including cameras, CD players, cell phones, all computer equipment, faxes, printers, video games, small kitchen appliances and more.  All items are recycled for free, except CRT (tube) televisions ($15) and wooden console televisions ($25).  No items containing Freon are accepted.

Accepted household hazardous waste: old paint, used motor oil, unwanted lawn chemicals, and more.

Information on making an appointment can be found here.