Google confirms plans for in-home Fiber service in Prairie Village

FiberAfter the dramatics surrounding Prairie Village’s adoption of an agreement with Google Fiber Monday, we heard from a few readers who speculated nervously that, since the agreement only explicitly requires Google to build a public Wifi area and provide 1 Gigabit Internet service at public facilities, not in residences, it was possible the company might not actually build out in-home service in the city. Some wondered whether they might built a Wifi network only.

Well, dear readers, rest assured that residential Fiber is in Google’s plans for PV.

From Google spokeswoman Courtney Hohne:

No need to worry — we wouldn’t be here if we didn’t plan on building out Google Fiber to homes in Prairie Village! We hope to be in all communities as soon as possible, and we have lots of crews hard at work. (There are lots of moving parts and pieces in this big of a project, so we can’t commit to a specific timeline, especially since there are factors like weather that are beyond our control.) As for your question about Wifi, we can’t actually provide Wifi connectivity without putting in a fiber network — so you wouldn’t see a situation that was Wifi only.