Storm water, city hall at top of Fairway priority list in survey

Continuing to rent office space for city hall or re-locating is one of the topics on the Fairway eight-question survey.
Continuing to rent office space for city hall or re-locating was one of the topics on the Fairway survey. Photo by Daniel M. Blom.

The results are in from the Fairway visioning survey. On some issues, residents gave clear directions and on others it was a split decision. The issue with a top priority is storm water.

In May, Fairway invited residents to gather at city hall to talk about major issues confronting the city and to add to the list. Since then, the focus has been on five areas: the future location of city hall, the public works facility, supporting the Shawnee Indian Mission, storm water issues and implementing a swimming pool master plan.

A followup survey asked residents to rank the importance of these issues and give the city some direction. When asked on each issue to determine its priority ranking, 33 percent gave storm water issues the number one ranking. Scoring the lowest was the Shawnee Indian Mission. Only six percent gave it the highest priority rating and a full 50 percent gave it the lowest on a rating scale of one to five.

The future location of city hall was the issue with the second highest priority rating with 23 percent giving it a one and 25 percent a two on the five-point scale. When asked about its future location, preference on the survey trended toward the current leasing arrangement in the Fairway Office Park. Four other potential locations were mentioned, including the Shawnee Indian Mission, which participants indicated was a least favorite option to explore.

The swimming pool master plan implementation also had significant support on the survey. Full results are available here.