Prairie Village puts CID collection, reimbursement info online

It’s been two and a half years since the City of Prairie Village began collecting a 1 percent sales tax at the Village Shops and Corinth Square as part of Community Improvement Districts to help fund renovations managed by the property owner.

The construction at Corinth Square last summer.
The construction at Corinth Square last summer.
And as of last month, Prairie Village residents have easy access to see exactly where their tax money has been going.

The city this summer began posting the reimbursement requests from the property owners, holding companies called CSN Retail Partners, LLC, and CSS Retail Partners, LLC. The projects have been largely managed by LANE4 Property Group.

Thus far, city documents show, the CID tax has generated approximately $950,000 at the Village Shops. At Corinth Square collections through March 2013 are roughly $1,000,000.

At the Village Shops, where major renovations have yet to begin, the city has paid out $26,138 in reimbursements and administrative fees.

At Corinth, where the extensive renovations are largely complete, the city has approved reimbursement requests of $1,348,814.16 — though it hasn’t paid the final reimbursement request for Corinth Square in full because there are not sufficient funds in the Corinth Square CID account.

To download full copies of the reimbursement requests, check out the city’s CID projects page here.