Roeland Park development steps include public input opportunity

The flowchart for handling public property development.

Roeland Park has settled on procedures to handle development proposals that include opportunities for public input along the way. The council has developed two slightly different procedures: one for public property development and one for private property.

What has not been determined is how to market the public properties or attract developers to submit proposals. One suggestion, championed by Councilor Robert Meyers, is to hire a person to be the business contact for redevelopment. “How do you make sure the same person and information gets to the business interest,” Meyers asked in a council discussion this week.

The steps contained in the development flow charts are aimed at reviewing and approving development proposals. Councilor Marek Gliniecki, who presented the processes to the council, noted that they start after a proposal has been made.

“We are talking about being proactive rather than reactive,” City Clerk Debra Mootz said. The flowcharts are designed to give developers, staff and the public a clear understanding of the steps in development and where the public gets a voice.

Mayor Joel Marquardt suggested getting development packages assembled for the public properties and then deciding how the city should market to developers. The old pool site and the northeast corner of Roe Avenue and Johnson Drive are the two primary city properties available for potential development. A proposal to redevelop the community center site collapsed earlier this year.

A different process is used for private property development.