Food on Friday: Almond joys

Daisy attacking our collection of almond-based goods.

By Julia Westhoff

Almonds are certainly having their moment in our house. Between the almond butter and jelly sandwiches I make for the girls, the almond butter ice cream we’ve recently discovered, and the almond milk coffee I’m completely obsessed with, I almost feel like I’m turning into one of the little brown nuts myself.

I wasn’t sure I wanted to share my new favorite almond products – they’re already getting difficult to keep in stock at our local grocery stores – but in the end I decided to be generous and share the wealth. The almond milk coffee products (pictured above in both Mocha and Espresso) are from Califia Farms and can be found at HyVee (health section) and Whole Foods. The almond butter is from Trader Joe’s. And the 2nd Street’s Almond Butter Hazelnut Fudge Ice Cream is to die for, and can also be found at HyVee.

Is anyone else finding themselves swimming in a sea of almonds? I’d love to hear what you use them for. Below is one of my favorite recipes.

Julia’s Favorite Smoothie

1 banana
About 8 pitted dates
A cup of berries or sliced peaches (fresh or frozen)
3 tablespoons almond butter
1 cup almond milk
4 or 5 ice cubes (if desired)

Blend and enjoy. Serves 4.