New Prairie Village financial report is totally popular

Admit it, Villagers: Deep down, each and every one of you wants to be popular.

Which is why it’s hard not to be envious of a new report issued by the city of Prairie Village this month.

The “Popular Annual Financial Report” for 2012 summarizes the city’s financial position and explains how citizens’ tax dollars are used in an easy-to-understand way. The “PAFR,” as it’s known, packs all the punch of the 92-page Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (or “CAFR”), but in about a tenth of the space. And with its eminently digestible charts and graphs, it’s easy to understand why the PAFR is probably totally going to win Prom Queen.

Among the highlights:

  • The average Prairie Village homeowner pays the city $40.75 in property taxes. These taxes go to fund: public safety, public works, community development, city administration, parks and recreation, and the municipal court.
  • In addition to the property taxes, Prairie Village residents pay a $13.21 per month for trash service.
  • Based on current financial trends, the city’s general fund revenue is projected to increase 1.4 percent from 2013 to 2014, from $15,769,915 to $15,993,373.

Peruse the whole charming document below: