Collapsed drain removed from sink hole in Mission parking lot

An excavating company was busy Sunday digging out collapsed metal drainage pipe in the parking lot near Hobby Lobby.

Excavating crews were busy this weekend removing the collapsed metal drainage pipe from under the Mission West parking lot where a sink hole opened up after heavy rains in June.

S&R Excavating was digging out the damaged pipe Sunday and planned to put a layer of rock into the hole to stop further erosion of the soil and provide a foundation for replacement storm water pipes. The old drain had collapsed and water poured over the top of the pipe, an excavator said, washing out the soil and leading to the parking lot collapse. The area is close to Martway in Mission near the Hobby Lobby store.

The affected area is approximately 80 feet long. The excavating company was cutting the hole back to the point where the drainage pipe is still intact. Drainage water continued to run through the excavation Sunday and will probably need to be pumped out while the new pipes are being laid, a worker at the site said.

Damaged pipe that was removed from the sink hole sits in the parking lot waiting to be hauled off.