Mission is the newest Google Fiber city in Johnson County

Carlos Casas, marketing manager for Google Fiber, spoke to the Mission City Council Wednesday. He is shown here at a Northeast Johnson County Chamber event earlier this year.

Mission is the next stop for Google Fiber’s spread into Johnson County. The Mission City Council Wednesday unanimously approved a cooperative agreement with Google for deployment of the company’s gigabit internet service in the city.

Carlos Casas, Google Fiber’s field marketing manager, said no time estimate is being given on when Google will actually begin providing services in Mission or when it will begin building the network. The first Johnson County cities to get Google agreements were Westwood, Mission Woods and Westwood Hills, but customers are not being enrolled yet in those cities. Since then Olathe and Shawnee have been added to the list.

“We are thrilled for what it will mean for entrepreneurship,” Casas told the Mission council. Casas said Google is currently negotiating agreements with several other cities. Prairie Village made a push last fall to get Google’s attention with citizen petitions and by sending a city delegation to the Google Fiber headquarters in Kansas City.

Mission’s agreement with Google calls for free services for 10 years for some public facilities, currently unnamed, but which could include city buildings, the county building, two elementary schools and SM North High School among others. Mission also gets a franchise fee of five percent of gross revenues generated in the city. It gets other fees waived and access to city easements and poles.

The Google rollout will follow the same Fiberhood scenario that it has used in Kansas City neighborhoods with rallies to get signup commitments in each Fiberhood. Google has been careful not to predict timelines for implementation in any of its new cities. Its posting on its own site made it clear no timeline exists for the Mission rollout.

Casas said the order of agreements with cities in Johnson County will not necessarily predict the order of implementation for customers. The buildout order may be dictated by engineering considerations such as closer access to the fiber backbone.

Google provides both internet access and television services for customers.
A full list of Goggle cities in the metro can be found here.