I could have been Kim Jong Un in this picture if only I’d showed up at Weltner Park on Saturday.

Best as I can, I try to live a life free of a sense of perpetual regret. So often, the incidents that stoke regret in us tend actually to be meaningful learning experiences. As such, experiencing regret is often a signifier that we’ve discovered something important about how best to make our way in the world. It’s a sensation that should be embraced and processed, but not dwelled upon with guilt.

And yet there’s no better way to describe my reaction to the following information when I stumbled upon it Sunday evening than “regretful”: Dennis Rodman was in Prairie Village Saturday. And I was not.

That’s according to this article in the Kansas City Star, which chronicled the five-time NBA Champion-cum-Axis of Evil diplomat’s appearance in town in support of a streetball promotion this weekend. And that article had the following line in it:

Rodman first appeared at Weltner Park in Prairie Village for the open-run tryout that began Saturday morning.

No. Noooo… This can’t be happening. The Worm was at Weltner Park — a paltry mile from my house — and I missed it. I MISSED IT!!!

I feel much like Homer did that time he almost met Mr. T (though the situations aren’t precisely analogous since Homer knew that Mr. T was going to be at the mall… though it’s probably worth pointing out that both Mr. T and Rodman are big dudes with crazy hair):

Obviously we missed the boat here, and in doing so have denied you, our readers, the opportunity to a.) see pictures of Dennis Rodman hanging out across the street from Baskin-Robbins and the K-Life house, and b.) hear Rodman’s take on how Prairie Village’s parks compare to those in Pyongyang.

So, we’re going to go ahead and fish here: Did anyone happen to be at the park Saturday when Rodman was there? Did anyone get any pictures?


The Editor