Prairie Village community gardeners celebrate solstice amid their veggies

Nancy Vennard (L), Don Jackson, Max Palmer, Michael Dali and Tracy Yenor are part of the community gardens leadership group who gathered with other community gardeners Friday at the Harmon Park gardens.

You could call it the ultimate garden party: Summer Solstice at the Prairie Village Community Gardens in Harmon Park. The gardeners who tend plots in the community gardens gathered for a casual celebration of first day of summer and of the success of the gardens and the community gardening program.

The lush garden plots provided the backdrop for the picnic-style social. This is the second year for the city’s community garden program at Harmon Park, which expanded from to 38 plots from the 20 in the inaugural season.

Another 10 plots are located at Cherokee Christian Church near 75th and Belinder. The full-size plots measure 4 by 20 feet. There are a few half-size plots as well. The gardens involve 46 families this year with a couple tended by the church or volunteers.

Nancy Vennard, who is part of the seven-member leadership group for the community gardens, said the demand for garden space and the supply came just right this year, but there is little room for expansion at Harmon Park. The community garden team functions under the city’s Environmental/Recycling committee.