Weekend downpour opens hole in Mission parking lot

The hole that appeared in the Hobby Lobby parking lot this weekend.

It’s not just Florida that has the giant sink holes that can swallow a semi in one gulp. Well, maybe it wasn’t giant and didn’t entirely take down the entire semi, but a sink hole that appeared in a Mission parking lot Saturday night is big and it did have the tractor end of a semi in its grasp.

The hole appeared in the Hobby Lobby parking lot during Saturday’s torrential rains and for a while had water gushing along its length. By Monday morning it was a muddy hole that still had a trickle of water bubbling up through the bottom and then draining off.

The sink hole measures roughly 80 feet long and is more than six feet deep, even deeper in spots. The apparent cause was a storm drain that collapsed during the heavy rains. The drain appears to be on private property, according to Mission public works, and is not part of the public easement.

A tractor-trailer rig that was parked near the collapse ended up partially in the hole and had to be pulled out by tow trucks. KCTV-5 posted video of the semi’s travails which you can view here.

The hole is at the south end of the lot near Martway and does not block either entrance into the Mission West shopping area. Block Properties had recently applied to the city for a Community Improvement District for the shopping center..