Police officer discovers burning home, gets residents out

Prairie Village Police officers Josh Fahlgren (L) and Steve Steck got the homeowners out safely.

A Prairie Village police officer on routine patrol Monday morning saved the day when he noticed smoke coming from a Mission Hills home.

Officer Josh Fahlgren said he could see and smell the smoke as he drove by the house in the 5800 block of Mission Drive shortly before 8 a.m. today. In less than a minute after he called in, he was joined by Prairie Village officer Steve Steck who was not far away.

Officers said the homeowners, an older couple, were in the house and were not aware of the fire because there was little smoke inside at that point. They had to convince the couple to leave the house immediately and by the time they got them outside, smoke was rolling over the top of the roof. The woman was treated briefly at the scene.

Firefighters were at the house quickly with several units and by 9 a.m. had the fire out. It appeared to be centered in a low roof at the back corner of the home.

The two police officers also made sure neighbors were safe. A water main ruptured in front of the house next door to the fire and flooded water into the garage. The water main break did not affect water availability to fight the fire.

Prairie Village provides police services for Mission Hills.

Firefighters roll up hoses after extinguishing a house fire in Mission Hills Monday morning.