Obstacles are part of the fun at inaugural Stag Steeplechase

Stag Steeplechase participants crawled under three stretches of cargo netting on their way to the finish line.

Steamy air wasn’t the only obstacle facing an intrepid group of Bishop Miege students, parents and friends Saturday.

The runners in the inaugural Stag Steeplechase had to crawl under cargo netting and knock out 30 jumping jacks, among other challenges, over the course of the two mile run.

Organizer Colette Bernica said the school decided to put on the steeplechase as a way to stand out from the more common 5K runs.

“We thought let’s do something a little different,” Bernica said. “We started out thinking about jumping over haybales, and it kind of grew from there.”

And while Bernica was busy overseeing day-of logistics, her son, 26 year old David, was out tearing up the course. A veteran of intense challenge events like the Spartan Race, David said the steeplechase didn’t seem particularly threatening.

“No barbed wire. No fire. No gladiators to knock you down,” he said. “But it was a good challenge and just a lot of fun.”

Participants had to complete 30 jumping jacks early in the course.
Steeplechase winner David Bernica completing his crunches.