Happy third birthday, us! (Plus a link to the editors’ appearance on the Sunflower Brew podcast)

Jay (center) and Dan (right) podcastin’ with Zach Luea.

Readers, friends, well-wishers, casual acquaintances: Thank you.

Because on Saturday, we celebrated our third birthday — and we couldn’t have made it this far without great readers like you.

This past year in particular, we’ve experienced some robust growth that’s allowed us to devote more energy and resources to coverage of all of northeast Johnson County. The 17,000 unique visitors and 50,000 visits we receive each month now is a far, far cry from the 25 visits a day we were attracting those first couple months back in 2010. So a sincere thank you for your interest in your communities and your participation in the site, both of which are crucial to our being able to publish shawneemissionpost.com

Coincidentally, Dan and I sat down with local attorney, former statehouse candidate and current podcaster Zach Luea Saturday for an episode of Sunflower Brew. And over the course of our discussion (and beer consumption) we talked a bit about the genesis of the site, and what we like most about the hyperlocal news format. You can give it a listen here.