Coyote pups have moved on from backyard den

Remember those coyote pups that were born in a Mission backyard under a patio slab? Well, how quickly the young ones grow up and move on these days.

The coyote photographed last month in Rachel Finn’s backyard.

The pups have left the den and it looks like mom and dad may have moved with them. The neighbors say they have not seen the adult coyotes since the pups moved on. Other residents farther down the street who had seen the coyotes have not seen them for several weeks as well (let us know if you are still seeing them where you live). The neighborhood where several of the earlier sightings occurred is west of the Gateway property along 60th Terrace and Rock Creek Lane towards Nall Avenue.

Kris Foral, who lives next door to the house where the pups were born, said the small wildlife (as in chipmunks and such) started re-appearing after the pups and parents left. She was used to seeing at least one of the adults almost every day, but has not seen any sign of them since the den was vacated. Wildlife biologists had predicted that the pups would move out when they got about 10 weeks old.

The biologists also predicted that they would not move far when they did vacate the premises so they are probably still relatively close. Coyotes have adapted so well to the urban environment, the biologists say, that they can live near humans undetected.

The city of Mission had several calls about coyotes and has posted information about “Co-existing with coyotes” on its Web site. Last month coyotes were sighted from the 17-acre Gateway field to 67th and Lamar.