Active & Injury Free: Add 10 years or 10 yards to your golf game

By Dr. Tom Cotter

I quite often get a skeptical look from golfers when I tell them I can add 10 yards to their drive or 10 years to their golf life. But it’s true.

Dr. Tom Cotter and Dr. Jeff Remsburg

Titleist and their fitness division Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) decided it was in their best interest to teach health professionals, golf pros and fitness experts how to keep golfers on the course longer. This is accomplished by adding length to their game, both in terms of yards and years.

Through TPI I have learned a golf specific exam. The TPI exam tests all the movements essential to the golf swing. It tests ranges of motion and if those ranges of motion are coming through the proper joints. For example, obviously back rotation is critical to the golf swing, but it needs to come from your mid-to-upper back and not from your lower back. Too much rotation in your lower back can cause back pain and potentially lead to future degeneration.

It also tests muscle strengths and lengths. For example, swaying and sliding are undesirable movements in a golf swing. These can either be from a learned movement in your swing from poor instruction or a weakness/tightness in your glutes. With proper strength and/or control in your glutes, power is properly translated from the ground to the ball, equaling more yards.

The process requires a team approach and this is by design. I can do the necessary work to restore proper strength and neurological control to a golfer’s glutes. But, if that golfer doesn’t have someone to teach them how to incorporate that into their swing, it is useless. I am about as good at coaching the golf swing as I am at predicting how the Royals will finish this year. Likewise, a golf pro might notice a golfer sliding through a swing and know it is from weakness in the glutes. That golf pro will know drills designed to teach the golfer not to do that, but the pro isn’t the best at treating the actual weakness.

So, long story short: I break down your golf biomechanics and treat the dysfunctions. I then talk to your golf pro and tell them what your body has the ability to do and they then incorporate that into your golf instruction. Let’s get to work on improving your golf game today!

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