Food on Friday: The new (taco) republic

Carne asada tacos and a horchata from El Tonayense taco truck in San Francisco, Jay’s almost-daily lunch for upwards of two years.

When we lived in San Francisco Jay would eat tacos from a food truck nearly every day. (I posted a recipe for simple but flavorful street-style tacos last September). In the years since, my husband has not infrequently mentioned a desire to start up a similar operation here in our neighborhood.

Unfortunately for him, we found out recently that he’s been beaten to the punch.

On Sunday we visited Taco Republic, the latest eatery from Bread & Butter Concepts. These are the good folks who brought us BRGR, Urban Table, and Gram & Dun (all of which I love) and I’m happy to report that Taco Republic is another winner.  The truck roams the KC area during the week, but on Sundays it comes home to roost in front of the abandoned service station at 47th and Mission where its permanent home will ultimately be. The bright red truck is surrounded by concrete rubble and gaping holes — but don’t be deterred.  The tacos are wonderful, with unique flavor combinations, tasty salsas, and homemade agua fresca to wash them down. And the food truck gig turns out to be an ideal situation for families whose children (like ours) don’t do well in restaurants.

But our trip to Taco Republic wasn’t all sunshine.

As we navigated our way over the concrete slabs and back to our car, Jay hung his head dejectedly, as the full realization of the death of his dream to start his own taco truck hit home.

I helpfully reminded him that he is, in fact, not even remotely qualified for (or interested in) running a food truck. That didn’t cheer him up. So I tried again to be helpful by stating the obvious: We now have a delicious taco truck that we can eat from every weekend.

His mood brightened considerably.