PV Planning Commission unlikely to vote on Mission Chateau proposal tonight

A developer’s rendering of a view of the proposed Mission Chateau development from the surrounding neighborhood with spring landscaping incorporated.

If you were hoping tonight might bring some resolution to Prairie Village Planning Commission’s consideration of the Mission Chateau proposal, we’ve got some bad news.

Based on discussions with the planning commissioners, representatives of the Tutera Group and representatives of the Mission Valley Neighbors Association, city staff are now guessing it will be at least July — and more likely August — before the commission is prepared to vote on its recommendation.

The Mission Valley Neighbors Association still has more than an hour’s worth of presentation to make to the commission when tonight’s meeting starts at 7 p.m. And once that presentation is finished, the commissioners — a detail-oriented bunch —still need to ask questions and provide feedback to the developer.

Staff expects the commissioners’ comments — which could include suggestions on everything from size, to layout, to building materials — to be substantial enough that it may take the developer weeks to absorb them and make adjustments to the design.

If the Planning Commissioners’ comments are as extensive as expected, it’s probable the developer won’t be able to respond to them in time to have updated drawings ready for consideration at the next Planning Commission meeting July 7.

That would push the date of the Mission Chateau Planning Commission vote to August 6, meaning the issues wouldn’t come before the Prairie Village City Council for final approval until September 2.

The city will leave the “public hearing” on the Mission Chateau proposal open until the Planning Commission has voted on its recommendation for the project. Homeowners in the area adjacent to the Mission Valley site won’t be able to file a protest petition against the proposal until the public hearing is closed.

The meeting starts at 7 p.m. tonight in Village Presbyterian Church’s Friendship Hall.