New Mission transit center opens for The JO

A bus rolls into the new Mission transit center on its first day of operation.

The JO’s new transit center between Johnson Drive and Martway opened this morning along with enhanced transit service along the Metcalf/Shawnee Mission Parkway corridor.

The transit center, towards the east end of Johnson Drive, replaces the center adjacent to the county government building on Lamar. New buses also

New signage helps passengers.

went into service this morning with a different seating arrangement and slightly shorter configuration. The buses and the center met with rave reviews from one driver on her route this morning, who said the changes are welcomed by passengers and drivers alike.

Passengers should also like the improvements which include electronic messaging signs announcing bus arrivals. Overall, the project’s improvements include 15 sheltered bus stops, three park-and-ride facilities, pedestrian improvements at Broadmoor and Martway, a transit signal priority system to improve bus movement, as well as the new transit center where passengers transfer between routes.

The upgrades were made possible by $10.7 million in federal transportation stimulus funding. A ribbon-cutting scheduled for last Friday was postponed due to weather.