Prairie Village’s Hopkins makes it two in a row on Jeopardy!

Alex Trebek and Sam Hopkins. Photo courtesy Jeopardy Productions, Inc. If Hopkins wins again we’re probably going to have to ask the publicist if there’s another picture she can send us — we can’t just keep using this one over and over again.

And, he’s done it again.

Prairie Village native Sam Hopkins pulled out another victory on Jeopardy! Thursday, extending his winning streak to two and earning the right to appear on the legendary gameshow again today.

Hopkins got off to a bit of a slow start in his second appearance, coming into the end of the first round trailing trailing a fella named Les Chun of San Francisco. But Hopkins struck a Daily Double early in round two, put $4,000 on the line, and reaped the rewards. However, Chun found the second Daily Double, and successfully answered the question after wagering $5,000, putting him in the lead.

Heading into Final Jeopardy, Chun was up $20,400 to Hopkins’ $19,000. (The third contestant was a non-factor).

Here was the Final Jeopardy question, from the “American Scientists” category: “In 1920, the New York Times said he lacked the knowledge ladled out daily in schools. On July 17, 1969, they apologized.”

(I mean, come on! Everybody — EVERYBODY — knows the answer is Robert Goddard. That Goddard vs. New York Times story is one parents tell their second graders before bed! Am I right or am I right?*)

Remarkably, all three contestants answered incorrectly. But Sam’s MBA instincts led him to wager less than Chun, putting him at $12,400 on the day, and earning him a second win.

Congrats, Sam — let’s make it three this afternoon, buddy! Northeast JoCo is rootin’ for ya’!

*I have no idea who Robert Goddard is.