Synchro team saved? Potential coach trying to get enough participants for Prairie Village team

The pre-swim parade before the 2011 Prairie Village Water Show.
There is a sliver of hope for those Prairie Villagers rooting for the salvation of the city’s five-decade-old synchronized swimming team after city officials announced earlier this month that the season had been canceled.

The city has confirmed that a potential coach has stepped forward to lead this year’s program, but that she has not been hired yet, and that she would need to secure 25 confirmed participants by tomorrow for there to be any chance for the season to be saved. Additionally, the candidate still has to prove to the city’s administration that she is qualified to lead the team.

“I appreciate her passion for the sport, but I need to know that she is qualified/able to coach a synchro team,” said Prairie Village Assistant to the City Administrator Danielle Dulin of the candidate. “It’s only fair to the girls and their parents that sign up to be on the team.”

We’ll keep you posted when we know more.