Losing mayoral candidate wants Roeland Park councilor censured

Linda Mau asked the Roeland Park City Council to censure Megan England.

A losing candidate in April’s Roeland Park mayoral election has asked the council to censure one of its own members, Megan England, over a campaign flyer circulated last month.

Linda Mau lost the mayor’s race in April to Joel Marquardt by a wide margin. Her focus Monday night, though, was on England, whom she accused of being behind an anonymous campaign flyer that targeted Mau. “The mailing was sent not only to cost me the election, but to personally try to destroy me,” Mau said. She called the contents of the flyer “vicious and defaming.”

Megan England

“Without any thought of how this would reflect upon our city, its reputation or the sense of fair play, this piece of garbage was sent,” she said. Mau told the city council that a surveillance tape exists showing the person dropping off the flyer for production and the same person picking it up and paying for it. She said the person is England and asked the council for a formal censure.

England called the charge “baseless” and said that she “did not drop off a flyer.” The flyer allegedly was produced at the UPS Store on Johnson Drive according to Mau. England said she was in the UPS Store “all the time” so she could be on a tape.

Mau later revealed that she does not have possession of the surveillance tape nor has she seen it. She was told by a third party, she said, that the tape shows England’s involvement with the flyer.

For her part, England said the information on the flyer “was all true” and that she would stand up for a resident’s right to get out the information. When asked by reporters if she was involved with the flyer, England said she was not willing to give a “yes or no” answer. She did question why the dispute qualified as “news.”

Also speaking to the council Monday was former Councilor Scott Gregory who said that over the weekend he had received a “vicious, lying” e-mail about him that had been sent by England and that others had received. England said she did send an e-mail about Gregory over the weekend.

Gregory also related that he had been quoted in a Kansas City Star article that the police chief had asked him not to call England.

Mau said an investigation of her ethics charges are under way. She alleged that the anonymous flyer would be illegal in first class cities and referenced a post-election story in The Pitch.