Goodwill hosting free electronics recycling event at Village Shops Saturday

Yo, Villagers: Do you have a 1989 dual tape deck boombox in your basement? It was pretty sweet back in the day, wasn’t it. But it’s time to face facts: that thing’s time has passed. And the day has come to say goodbye.

Well sir, the good people from Goodwill can help. They will be bringing a trailer to the Village Shops Saturday to collect old electronics for recycling:

On Saturday, May 18 from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m. Goodwill is returning to the Village Shopping Center to collect items that you would like to donate and/or recycle. You’ll find them in the parking lot between Macy’s and the Blue Moose. Based on the terrific response to last November’s event, Goodwill will bring a second trailer in May. One will be designated for electronics and the other will take everything else.
They will take and recycle almost all e-waste. That includes monitors, towers, laptops, cords, mice, printers, etc.  For computer information, see their page. TVs with screens up to 36”, DVRs, CD & VHS players, etc. will also be accepted.
Goodwill will take all of your unwanted clothing and scrap fabric. Because they have an outlet for bulk textile, any items that are too tattered for resale can still be recycled.  Here’s a chance to unload those ragged towels, stained t-shirts and socks without partners.
Small appliances, household goods, décor, toys, etc. will also be welcome.
Not every item can be taken at the event.  Large items like furniture, TVs in those wooden consoles from the 60s & 70s and big projection TVs, for example, won’t be accepted. For advice on where to donate large items, please call Joyce Peters at (816) 743-7643. She will gladly answer all of your questions.