Mission festival draws crowds on cool May day

Santa and his non-reindeer powered sleigh were a May surprise at the Mission Family Festival parade.

The Mission Family Festival played to a crisp Saturday with a parade, pancake breakfast and plenty of kids activities plus the usual carnival area.

Can you find the frog in this picture. A very small amphibian took the frog-jumping contest Saturday by default.

The frog-jumping contest only drew one frog – well an amphibian of sort – who was tiny enough to get lost in the grass more than once. Even on a chilly day it managed to jump all the way to the outer circle with some coaching from managers, a pair of seven-year-old twins.

Besides the frog-jumping contest, the festival added a pie competition for the first time.

A marching line warmed up the crowd at the Mission parade Saturday with energy from marchers and drummers.