Fairway announces it will treat against Emerald Ash Borer

Fairway is ready to do battle with that nasty little critter that promises to cause severe homeowner angst in coming years. The city is ready to begin treating healthy ash trees in the public right-of-way to stop the emerald ash borer.

The Emerald Ash Borer has already been confirmed in Wyandotte County.
Last year, Fairway did an inventory that showed 225 ash trees on city property along streets, parks and greenspace. It ranked the trees’ health on a 0-5 scale with 0 meaning dead and 5 meaning excellent. By October the city removed trees rated 0-2 because the insect is attracted to trees in a declining condition.

Now, Fairway will treat those 43 super-healthy trees that have a 5 rating with an insecticide that prevents emerald ash infestation. Most of the trees are on residential streets in the right-of-way. The trees rate 3 and 4 are being monitored and are in the “wait and see” category with no decision yet on their fate. To see if a tree in front of your house will be treated, click here.

Trees on private property need to be handled by the homeowner. The city’s contracted arborist will extend the city rate to Fairway residents. More information is available by contacting the city, which is encouraging homeowners to be pro-active by monitoring their trees.

Prairie Village has taken the first steps toward a health inventory of it trees, but there are 750 on city property and in some Prairie Village neighborhoods the trees are predominantly ash. If funds are appropriated, the inventory is expected to be conducted next year.