Food on Friday: Derby Day

By Julia Westhoff

I’ve always wanted to go to the Kentucky Derby. A sporting event where you dress up, imbibe fun beverages and only spend a few minutes actually watching the athletics? This is my kind of sport. This year I’ve bet our house on Goldencents – he’s pretty much a sure thing. And although I probably won’t make it to Kentucky any time soon, for the past couple of years we’ve had fun celebrating the event at Tavern in the Village. Between the big hats, the Burgoo, and the mint juleps, it’s about as close to Churchill Downs as we can get. This year Tavern will be celebrating from 3-6 p.m. at both its Village and Leawood locations.

I love a good mint julep, and it’s quite easy to make. Simply place five or six leaves of mint in the bottom of a glass. Add sugar and crush (or muddle) slightly. Pack the glass with ice and pour in three ounces of bourbon. Stir briskly. If the bourbon is too much, dilute it with a bit of soda water.

Run Goldencents, run!