Fairway asks residents to participate in ‘visioning’ exercise

Fairway residents get a chance to offer their views on a variety of issues facing the city during a visioning public forum later this month. In fact, residents can add their own issues to the list of topics for discussion.

The notice to Fairway residents identifies several issues that occupy planning efforts:

  • Stormwater
  • City hall (rent versus build)
  • Support for the Shawnee Indian Mission
  • Park and pool master plan
  • Public works projects

Additionally, residents are asked to add their issue to the list. In a mayor’s letter earlier this year, Mayor Jerry Wiley wrote: “A prerequisite to the planning process requires ‘Visioning’ to help identify the expectations of our residents and define the role your municipal government must assume to meet those expectations in a fiscally responsible and transparent environment. ‘Visioning’ helps everyone focus; ‘Visioning’ builds consensus, fosters understanding, and guides our community in selecting what road to travel.”

Wiley said the May 21 event will be the first formal public visioning meeting. He plans to facilitate at the visioning and expects most topics will eventually be worked by a standing committee or task force.

The event starts at 7 p.m. at city hall.