Dearth of NEJC trails apparent in new map from Mid-America Regional Council

If you are looking for a bicycle trail or walking path in the metro, a new map produced by the Mid-America Regional Council will help you find it – on your smartphone if you like. But Northeast Johnson County is not home to a concentration of trails and to none of the long trails that grace other parts of the county.

Overall, the news for the metro is good. The last version of the KC Regional Trails and Bikeways map had 702 miles, but the new version shows 1,273 miles of trails and bikeways in the metro.

Looking closer to home, though, it’s a little sparse. Prairie Village shows the Somerset and Brush Creek trails, both under a mile long, as off road and the Mission Road bike lanes as an on-road system.

Mission has the Rock Creek, Mission Streamway and Shawnee Mission trails (the extension from Rock Creek up Nall to 67th does not show on the new map). Roeland Park has the Nall Park trail of less than a half-mile. No other off-roads are listed. Head to Merriam or Leawood for a trail experience that runs more than a mile, both have multi-mile trails. Long trails exist in western Johnson County and in KCMO as well.

Most of the walking-only paths in the northeast are confined to parks with few exceptions.

According to MARC, the metro now contains 555 miles of paved trails, 83 miles of mountain bike trails, 175 miles of walking and hiking trails, 45 miles of bike lanes and 225 miles of “share the road” bikeways.

MARC has an app that lets you view the map on a smartphone, tablet or browser and it will be updated as changes are made. You can find it here.

The printed versions of the map are supposed to be available in community centers, but we did not find one at Sylvester Powell Wednesday. We will update as soon as we find out where you can grab one.

MARC will host a launch party for the Bike Map and the Regional KC Bike Map web app on Friday, May 10, from 4–5:30 p.m., at Garment District Place Park on 8 th Street between Broadway and Washington, in Kansas City, Mo. A limited supply of free maps will be available at the event, and staff will be on hand to help install and demonstrate the web app.