‘Low-level tornado siren’ sound back in SM East area neighborhood

Homeowners in the area north of SM East report that a siren-like sound is often audible in their neighborhood.

Remember that droning, high-pitched whir we told you about last summer? The one that nearly drove families in the neighborhood directly south of SM East to the brink of madness?

It’s. Back.

With the return of warmer weather, whatever’s causing the noise seems to have kicked back into gear. Which means homeowners in the neighborhood are going to have to endure the “low-level tornado siren” sound — at least until its source is (finally) revealed.

We were unable to identify the source of the sound last year, but it’s back again. Which means the search is back on.

Anyone have any brilliant ideas?

We’ve also created a public Google Map for people to log areas where they can hear the siren. If you can hear the noise, add you location to the map HERE.