Fairway, Prairie Village participating in DEA drug take back initiative Saturday

Both Prairie Village and Fairway on Saturday will host drug take back events that are part of a Drug Enforcement Administration initiative to get unused prescriptions off the streets.

In Prairie Village, officers will have a drop-off location set up in the front circle outside the Police Department (7700 Mission Road) from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

In Fairway, the drop off location will be inside the Fairway Hen House (2724 W. 53rd Street), directly next to the pharmacy from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. as well.

Here’s the Fairway police department’s Q&A about the event:

Q:  Can I drop off the containers as well as the drugs?  Yes, you may.  No need to separate the drugs from the vials.  Plastic and glass are acceptable, just no needles.
Q: What if I have unused pre-loaded syringes, can I drop these off as well?  Yes, as long as the needle has been removed by the patient.
Q: What should I do with the needles from the syringes that cannot be accepted?  Place the syringes in an empty hard plastic container.  Screw the cap back on and secure with tape and write “SHARPS” on the container with a marker for disposal at the Drop Off Site or place it outside with your trash disposal just prior to pick up.
Q: Will you accept veterinary drugs?  Yes.  Veterinary drugs are available by Rx and over-the-counter (OTC).  ALL Rx and OTC drugs are acceptable.  The species of the “consumer” does not matter.
Q: Do I have to remove the Rx label from the vials before I drop them off?  No.  HIPPA does not apply to you or this situation.  This is a voluntary project that is consumer driven.  You are under no obligation to remove anything from any label.  The consumer should remove or deface the label if they are concerned before placing the vial in the box.  All material in these containers will be incinerated. 
Q: What about inhalers?  We would prefer that you don’t because the entire drop off box and its contents will be incinerated and we don’t want any pressurized containers to “pop” or explode at the facility.
Thank you and please take advantage of this free and very useful program. 

Questions?  Contact Chief Mike Fleming at the Fairway Police Department
phone: 913-262-2364
email:  mfleming@fairwaypd.org