Young man taken to hospital for evaluation after police search in Prairie Village

A search for a mentally unstable 18 year old brought a substantial police presence to the neighborhood around 71st Street and Fonticello Tuesday evening.

Capt. Tim Schwartzkopf of the Prairie Village police department said between five and seven units ultimately responded to the incident, in which a young man dealing with psychological issues left a home and was unaccounted for out in the neighborhood.

“There was some concern that he may have hurt himself, so we needed to find him to make sure he was alright,” Schwartzkopf said.

Police were ultimately able to find the young man and took him to The University of Kansas Hospital for evaluation. Schwartzkopf said there may not be any criminal charges related to the incident.

Schwartzkopf said a helicopter hovering over the scene Tuesday was a media helicopter, not a police unit assisting in the search. Officers from Leawood helped with the search as well.