Councilor Kelly calls open carry ruling ‘great victory for PV’

Councilman Michael Kelly
Councilor Michael Kelly

Prairie Village city councilor Michael Kelly — who was a vocal proponent of the city’s decision to keep its open carry ban on the books despite the threat of legal action — called Wednesday’s dismissal of the case a “great victory” in a statement he provided to

This is a great victory for PV.This shows what we can accomplish when we stand up to bullies who don’t have our best interests at heart. The Judge was obviously less than impressed with the plaintiffs’ legal acumen. It’s troubling that the plaintiffs haven’t taken the time to read the ruling, yet they are already making plans for their appeal. It looks like we haven’t seen the last of Earl [McIntosh] and his team of gun-toting legal eagles.

McIntosh told PVPost on Thursday he and his peers in the Kansas Libertarian Party would be issuing their own statement on the decision. We’ll publish that here when we receive it.

You can see the entire ruling below: