Case to oust PV councilor Morrison from office won’t go to trial until September

David Morrison is still an active member of the Prairie Village city council, despite a case in progress to oust him from office.

There isn’t any love lost these days between Ward V’s David Morrison and his peers on the Prairie Village City Council. That much was evident on Monday when several of the council members publicly chided Morrison as he made a move to leave the council chambers … in the middle of a role call vote — a significant breach of decorum.

But chances are Morrison and the rest of the council will have to put up with each other for quite a while longer. Despite the fact that the council voted in November to start proceedings to oust Morrison from office, Johnson County district attorney Steve Howe’s case against him won’t officially go to trial until September 15. The judge who heard arguments at the first hearing in the case refused to suspend Morrison from his role on the council, meaning Morrison is free to continue to serve in his current role until the case is decided.

(The city has spent $12,767 in legal fees thus far related to Morrison’s Code of Ethics violation).

All of this is to say that Morrison is likely to be sitting behind the council dais until at least this fall.

And if you think this saga might finally be over if Howe is successful in his case against Morrison … well, think about this: Charles Clark, who occupies the second Ward V seat on the council, has indicated that he probably won’t run for reelection when his current term ends in 2014.

Nothing on the city, county or state lawbooks would prohibit Morrison from running for that seat in 2014 — even if he’s ousted from the other Ward V seat this fall.

Stay tuned…