Ward I councilor Warman to serve as next Prairie Village council president

The Prairie Village city council on Monday unanimously voted to appoint Ward I councilor Dale Warman as its next president.

Dale Warman
As council president, Warman will serve as the governing body’s parliamentarian, directing council discussions and managing motions and votes. He replaces Charles Clark, who reluctantly accepted the role in December after the council voted to remove David Morrison as council president following revelations that he allowed a homeless man with a drug problem to stay unaccompanied at city hall.

Clark had served as council president prior to Morrison’s election to the position in April 2012 amid some dissent given Morrison’s continuing legal action against the city.

In accepting his election to the position, Warman lauded Clark’s efforts.

“I will do this job, but there is no way I can do it as well as Charles did,” Warman said.

Warman, a retired field operations director for KCP&L, has been a council member since June 2009.