Meet the man behind the PV, Leawood open carry suits

You may be wondering why, as a resident of Topeka, Earl McIntosh feels the need to lead the charge against city ordinances in Prairie Village and Leawood banning the open carry of concealed weapons. (If you do, you’re not alone: Judge David Hauber wonders, too…).

Earl McIntosh

So if you’d like a bit of insight into what drives the Kansas Libertarian Party’s 2nd Amendment Chair, be sure to check out the big profile piece from the Topeka Capital Journal’s Andy Marso – which includes a shout out to Prairie Village councilor Michael Kelly’s opinion piece on

Among the interesting tidbits in Marso’s piece:

McIntosh [said] … that though open carry might cause some to become “alarmed,” he has never heard of Kansans carrying a gun on their hip to deliberately intimidate other law-abiding citizens, or of the combination of open carry and emotional discussions becoming combustible in a public place.
“We have no examples of people getting into an argument and shooting someone,” McIntosh said.
So McIntosh says he will fight on in the courts.
Motions have been made that question his standing to sue, because he doesn’t live in the municipalities in question. But McIntosh said if he is removed from the lawsuits, others will take his place.
“Even if they throw us out, it’s not over,” McIntosh said. “It’s not even close to over.”