Westwood council prohibits daytime street parking on 48th Street

Parking complaints on 48th Street have been tough to resolve for Westwood. When cars park on both sides of the narrow street, it creates concerns for emergency vehicles.

parking problem on 48th Street west of Rainbow in Westwood was put to rest — at least for the time being — by the city council Thursday with an amendment that will prohibit day time parking on the north side of the street.

The new parking restrictions cover both sides of 48th Street west of Rainbow past the commercial buildings. Where 48th Street turns residential, parking will be banned on the north side of the street to Booth only from 6 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The new restrictions, which passed the council by a 4-1 vote, were the latest recommendation from the public safety committee, which has been grappling with parking complaints along 48th Street for months. The issue stems from employees at one of the office buildings on Rainbow parking along 48th Street. A business in the building has more employees than spaces allotted in its lease.

The complaints centered on line of sight near the corner because of parked cars and residents complaints farther down the street. A primary public safety concern has been the ability of emergency vehicles to negotiate the street with cars parked on both sides. Councilor Matt Jones said the committee “ultimately went with what is safest for everyone.”

A previous recommendation, committee chair Paul Day noted, died for lack of a second at the council meeting in February. Jace McClasky voted against the proposal. In discussion, he had questioned why the ban was on the north side rather than the south side of the street.