Police warn of scammers posing as SM East students

Fairway Police Chief Mike Fleming sent out a notice to residents Tuesday afternoon warning them about a group of door-to-door scammers posing as SM East students:

Dear Fairway Resident:

Shawnee Mission East High School has received calls from residents in Prairie Village concerning a raffle and or BBQ supposedly sponsored by the school. Individuals presenting themselves as students from SME are soliciting door to door selling tickets and offering prizes such as a 72″ television. One “student” was asked to show his school ID but claimed not to have it. Shawnee Mission East has informed Prairie Village Police THERE IS NO RAFFLE OR BBQ. Anybody claiming to sell tickets for a raffle or BBQ event at the school is a fraud.

Please call the Fairway Police Department at 913-262-2364 if any solicitor comes to your door that does not have a valid Fairway solicitor’s photo identification card. Solicitation in Fairway is allowed with a permit that must be displayed upon request. Click here to view the City of Fairway’s website that contains the ordinance and how to be placed on a no contact list if desired.