Mission police will run DUI checkpoint Friday night

If you plan to drink, plan not to drive: Always good advice. But Friday night Mission police, along with several other law enforcement agencies, will be running a DUI checkpoint.

Officers will be watching for impaired and dangerous drivers Friday night and early Saturday morning. Drivers will be screened for impairment and those who exhibit signs of intoxication will be tested further. The next step: You get arrested.

From the Mission Police Department:

“The effectiveness of sobriety checkpoints lies not only in the fear of being arrested, but also in the number of people who plan in advance to take cabs home after drinking. This has truly made our streets safer by reducing the number of intoxicated drivers on our roadways.

As always, the Mission Police Department encourages safe driving, and to always designate a driver.”

Where will the checkpoints be set up? You have to find that out for yourself.