Mission pool public input session slated for Thursday night

The Mission pool bath house will be completely renovated, but the shell of the building will be saved in the pool reconstruction.

The Mission pool project is rolling along, but there is still time to get your opinion in the mix. The second public presentation session will be held tonight at 6:30 p.m. at the Sylvester Powell, Jr. Community Center on Martway.

Wednesday night the city council saw a preliminary design for the pool complex based on input from the public at a first open session last month. Mark Clayton, project manager for Prosser Wilbert, showed the drawings for new pool features and their placement on the site in Andersen Park. The firm is designing and building the new complex.

Clayton said tonight’s public input session and presentation will not be identical to the first session, so everyone will benefit, regardless of attendance at the first session.

According to the initial plan, the complex will contain a competition pool, leisure pool, spray area and slide area. The current bath house structure will be completely renovated rather than torn down.

The new pools will have three separate filtration systems so a problem in one area does not shut down the entire complex. Its water purifying systems also will be upgraded.

The new complex uses roughly the same footprint as the current pools. The parking area is moved to off-street in the new design. Many of the features are being designed around the public input response and meetings with stakeholders.

The current pool will be used this year and then replaced for the 2014 opening. The renovation is being supported by a 10-year 3/8 cents sales tax approved by voters in November. The pool replacement is expected to cost approximately $4 million.