Tutera unveils new renderings, plans to submit Mission Chateau plans Friday

Joe Tutera told the Prairie Village Planning Commission the Mission Chateau proposal would fulfill his company’s goal of providing a senior living option that lets residents remain in their community.

After months of delays on account of a city moratorium on special use permit applications, weather and postponements from the developer, the Prairie Village Planning Commission on Tuesday got its first good look at the Tutera Group’s plans for an extensive senior living community proposed for the Mission Valley Middle School site.

More than 60 people attended the open work session in the Indian Hills cafeteria, where the developer and architect walked the commissioners through a detailed presentation on the plans, which included several new renderings.

Polsinelli PC attorney John Petersen, who represents the Tutera Group, told the commissioners that the project would have a positive impact on storm drainage, traffic flow and landscaping — though many of the neighborhood residents who attended were still unpersuaded of the project’s suitability for the area.

Petersen said Tutera intends to officially file its plans with the city this Friday, April 5. Assuming the plans are filed Friday, Prairie Village Assistant City Administrator Dennis Ensliger said an anticipated timeline for moving the proposal through the Planning Commission would go as follows:

  • A public hearing on the proposal will open at the Planning Commission’s May 7 meeting. This will be the time when members of the public voice their opinions on the official proposal. The Planning Commission will not, however, deliberate on the proposal at this meeting.
  • The public hearing will remain open through the June 4 meeting. Members of the public will again be able to voice their opinions on the official proposal (though the city is anticipating this public comment session to be shorter than the one May 7). After public comment, the Planning Commission will deliberate on the proposal.
  • Should the proposal be approved by the Planning Commission at the June 4 meeting, a 14-day window will begin during which residents within the immediate vicinity of the proposed development would have the option to file a protest petition against the proposal.

Prairie Village will be posting the latest updates on the Mission Chateau development on its projects page.

A handful of the new renderings are copied below: