Fairway storm debris pickup begins Monday

You lucky Fairway residents can start setting your fallen branches out by the curb for pickup starting today:

The City of Fairway will begin curbside storm damage brush collection on Monday, March 11. The Public Works Department is waiting several days after the storm to begin collection to allow the snow to melt and to allow residents time to get brush to the curb.

Please note the following about the collection process:

  • Collection will begin in Ward 1 and will go in order of the Wards (2, 3 then 4). Click here to view the Ward map. Public Works cannot tell ahead of time exactly what day they will be by a particular residence as collection amounts will vary greatly from Ward to Ward and street to street. However, before the Public Works Department moves into a different Ward to begin collection, an email will be sent the evening before alerting residents. Even though the City will attempt to provide notice, the Public Works Department strongly urges all Wards to have brush to the curb by Monday, March 11 to make sure you are not missed.
  • Collection will begin daily at 7:00 a.m.
  • Brush must be stacked neatly at curbside for pick-up (even if it came off of a tree within the right-of-way).
  • It should be placed parallel to the curb so it does not block the sidewalk or stick out into the street.
  • Branches should be no longer than 8 feet in length (this is the approximate length of the Public Works truck beds, branches longer than this will not fit in the trucks).
  • Once a first pass is made through all Wards the Public Works Department will begin a second pass through the City. The City will send another email when the second pass will begin.
  • This collection is for brush resulting from recent storm damage only.
  • The Public Works Department will start out picking up the smaller piles by hand and writing down the addresses of the larger piles to be picked up by equipment. Equipment pickup will be done prior to moving on to the next Ward.
  • The Public Works Department will be picking up the bulk of the piles. The remaining small debris and raking of yards will be left up to the homeowner. Please follow Town and Country Disposal’s guidelines for your regular yard waste collection.

If you have questions, please contact the Public Works Department at 913-722-2822.